Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A while back I made a mockup of what I thought the house would look like. I used a photo of a house in a neighbouring town that had similar features and played with it a bit. Ours will have dark window trim and a dark blue-grey roof. But I am quite pleased with how it's going. here is a comparison between our house and the mockup.
The 3rd picture is from our design drawings provided by the builders themselves.


Anonymous said...

dude its coming together at last, I have one question though. why all brick? just curious thought it might be wind rating or something like it...

kexkez said...

Ah well developer requirement was brick or mud brick which is nicer looking but more expensive again. Not any choice really. :) if we were out of town then we might have gone for something else but I prefer the solidness of double brick internals. I'm not too keen on plaster board. We had that in the brick veneer house that was our first house. Just got back from visiting a friends brick veneer house and it is a beautiful house.