Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost done

House is looking great. brickwork is almost complete. We are very relieved as we've built the house without being able to see a display and did quite a few mod's to the plan.

Anyway We have one slight immediate panic. Anyone know what a metal frame sliding door frame should look like?
The frame at the beginning of the minor passageway is for a sliding door. It's labeled something like "multipurpose frame" but it looks like it sticks out heaps on both sides with the same profile as the other doors in the house. it looks just exactly the same without the hinges. I'm worried that on the side the slider should be it should be less "stick out". Anyone got any idea?

Our S.S. is on holidays until the 5th of Jan. The brickies are about 1/2 a day max from finishing. and all the roofing timbers are on site. will they start roofing without us signing off on the brickwork? I'm a bit worried that if this door frame is wrong and they start roofing before we can get hold of the S.S. we'll have a problem.
We plan to go and talk to the brickies tomorrow morning and if they aren't sure ring the emergency contact guy.

Standing in our bedroom with the one incomplete wall to go. To the left is the lounge. in the centre the entry to the front passageway which leads to the main family room/living areas.

Our W.I.R it also goes around to the left as well.

Looking into the ensuite. The shorter wall in the background is the shower wall.

The Kitchen.

What's left to do.

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