Friday, December 19, 2008

Brickwork Finished

Well they've finished.
I rushed down to the site just after 8 this morning to talk to the head Brickie M. Since our S.S. is on leave I figured it was the only way to get an idea about the concern.
M assured me this morning that the slider door frame was correct. phew

I returned just after 11 and left a slab of mid strength beers in appreciation.
Thanks guys. They were still working when I arrived. Cleaning up the site. All the brickwork was finished by this stage.

G told me he thinks the roofie is planning on making a start before he breaks for xmas.

BY 3 this afternoon they were well and truely departed and we could have a wander.

Hallway from entry area to family.

Had a bit of a panic last night that the main passageway from the front door heading to the main living/family room areas was too narrow but it's fine. It's because it's so long it looks narrow.
I was hoping to put pictures on the walls there. I think it will still work.

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