Thursday, December 4, 2008

More windows

Well it's definitely starting to look like a house. We are getting worried about our games room though. It seems the wrong shape to what we remember but otherwise the house looks terrific. Drove up after work and not only have they done a huge amount of the outside walls now they have put in place more windows and both sliding doors. The kitchen window seems tiny compared to the games and dining sliders but I'm sure it will be fine once the rest of the walls are finished and the cabinets go in.

They've even started adding some of the flashing/insulation between the outer and inner
wall cavity. I took a couple of pictures to show what it looks like.

Internal walls are called "fast wall" bricks but the top few courses are usually done with "long reach". (that's the longer bricks) These are stronger. In double story houses sometimes the entire internal walls are built of these. So a brickie friend of ours told us years ago.

This is the view from the office. Sorry about the angle. I'll grab a better picture with my camera
in the next day or so. Not easy taking photos with the phone as the screen stays black in the bright light.

This one shows the view from our bedroom windows.

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BelleBeau said...

Hi, you look like you have some nice views from your windows. Isn't it funny how the house seems huge hen small as it progresses along? It's interesting to see a double brick house being built, I would have thought it would take longer but yours certainly seems to be flying along!