Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Roofing Commenced

Well on Tuesday we had an urge to go to the block on our way home from the shops. Nothing happening of course, much to our disappointment. just as we turned around and started to drive away we spotted the S.S.
s car heading to our block. Hubby quickly turned the car around and we were soon pulled up next to the S.S's car. NY greetings all around . S.S was there to check out the quality of the brickwork and make sure it was up to standard. This g
ave Hubby a chance to quiz him on the soldier bricks below our front windows. DH and I had both noticed some of them were ever so slightly not vertical. This also gave us a chance to point out the broken brick below the slider. S.S said he'll take a closer look at the soldier bricks ( I have a feeling they'll be within tolerance) but confirmed that the broken brick definitely needed to be replaced and that when the guys come to replace it he will get them to patch up a few very small holes in the mortar along some of the raked joint sections. He also commented that although he hadn't seen a raked mortar style brick house for a while he thought it worked really well with the bricks and seemed genuinely impressed by the effect it gave. He said he thought it looked much better than the rolled and flushed joints he'd see with the brick we'd chosen.

He couldn't help but comment on the size of the office. Everyone does.
We asked him when he thought the roofing guys might start and he said Thursday
or Friday as hey had some other houses to finish off as they hadn't completed them before Christmas and that he expected they would take a week and a half to do our place.

so nothing to do but wait we thought.

Today , I once again had an urge to drive past the block and .....YES ... they've started. Smile

View towards the house from the back showing the outdoor area.

According to the S.S. they should have finished roofing by next Friday.

So glad they've started again.

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