Thursday, January 29, 2009


Just to top off what has been a busy week so far we now have a roof. The tin only arrived yesterday and it seems they've installed it all today.

Our roof is "ironstone" from Colorbond.
It was quite overcast and grey when the photos were taken so it just looks grey but it is actually a grey with a blue tinge.
We've also fished out a full piece of colorbond from the rubbish bin and some ridge tin. Both in odd colours. We assume these pieces were to protect ours during transport since the capping colour was green and the dumped sheet was black. Makings of a chicken coop I hope.

G has gone back up to move some of the bricks. We are bit worried some keen bargain hunter at the auction on Saturday will help themselves to our spare bricks.

And finally from the back of the house. Alfresco on the right.


John,Tarin and The Kids said...

Looking good guys. Shows how big the house really is once the roof goes on. I really like you colour choices.
Take care, happy building...
John & Tarin

Kek said...

I love Ironstone...but you'd know that from my house. LOL.

It looks great against the bricks.