Sunday, January 18, 2009

repairs and gross

Pleased to say the brickie has been back and the chipped brick and the bricks on odd angles have been removed. yippee. He's also patched up the opposite side where the mortar was all cracked.

BUT someone working onsite on Friday brought their dog with them. There's dog poop on the floor of our main bathroom and a plate with gladwrap still on it tucked in the pantry. it's got some saucy- bloody muck on the plate and we found what we originally thought was a pile of blood in DS1's bedroom on the concrete. Now I think it was whatever was on that plate. I guess that's where doggie had his snack. :( ew

Also weird we found that some birds have been going wild ripping bark off one of the tree trunks down the back. I guess there were some bugs/grubs they hoped to feed on. Looked quite odd with all the bark ripped off one long section.


Kek said...

Tradies are pigs. I found rubbish stuffed in our kitchen cupboards towards the end of our build - lunch leftovers and so on. Yuk.

Used teabags, cigarette butts, lunch wrappers...seems it's too much trouble to step out the front door and put it in the bin.

Dog poop is really OTT though.

BelleBeau said...

That is disgusting, I can't imagine what their own homes look like. Yuk!

Michelle said...

You think that's bad! In our last place, we found a HUMAN turd in our WC... right where the toilet was *going* to go, but wasn't actually installed site.

And yes, there was a site toilet out the front they could've used.


kexkez said...

The electricians been and he also (we think) did all the brick cutting in for the plumber. Someone( him?) pushed it into the bath hollow. eh.. and now we have spotted that yet another dog has been at the house. down in the room where someone previously had a dog eating food. I think it's a different dog because it's Poop is different again. :(
Oh and the dirty plate has gone from the pantry.

And there's loads more food /drink rubbish scattered again just like last time the electrician visited.
He's not followed the electrical plans very well in a few places. I am currently drafting up an email to our building supervisor.NOT happy :(