Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sparkies and Plumbers- the new wild ride

This is our front porch. You can see one of the downpipes is quite close. Hubby is going to be very busy digging to put in some soak wells for the down pipes.

The sparkie arrived on site last week and has completed half of his work. He'll be back next week to finish off as he's gone on holidays!.Seems the Christmas break wasn't enough. :)
We have a huge amount of additional mess on site since he has returned.

It looks like we've been hit with brick termites. :)

Sparkie has made some interesting decisions on a few bits and pieces that he has put in/not put in. Has managed to half do several jobs, put 2 power points in the wrong place( maybe more) and a light switch and one of the previously mentioned power points on a wrong wall. All to be corrected, we've been assured by the S.S. after a frantic message left and a long email left and a phone call today. So we'll see what happens. I'll say no more at this point until he's had a chance to rectify the mistakes.
There has also been a mis-communication somewhere. ( has to be some doesn't there) The original contracts person "B" told us all conduit's come with draw wires. Something we'd specifically requested. iI seems that is not the case. However after some negotiation it looks like the electrician might put them in for us after all. We'd otherwise offered to do them ourselves if it wasn't a problem for us to go on site since it was B's error. All the cablers I'd spoken to about our house had suggested that this was what they'd preferred.
The plumber also arrived on site yesterday. The sparkie had already done some brick cutting in for him to make his job easier. Not too reassurring given the wrong placement things he'd done as part of his own job but thankfully it all seems to be being used. phew!

Phone guy must be also due to appear this week or early next week judging by the information we've had from the S.S.
Plasterer isn't due for a little while yet as he is currently working on another house in Collie so there is time for the electrician to complete his job next week.

And.... I took a drive up to the house this evening and we now have outside taps and our roofing tin has arrived on site.

This is the view through the office window. You can see where the conduit has been placed as well as the powerpoints. The red circle is where we hope the phone point will be.

Plumber has very carefully insulated much of the copper piping with foam tape stuff( perhaps partly it stops leaks) and there is black rubber piping insulation on the hot water copper piping in the roof areas.

These are some of the copper pipes that run down from the Solar HWS.


The plumber has been very busy working out all his measurements and cutting everything to length.

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