Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hubby standing at the front door.

These were taken with the camera in my phone.

External face and longreach bricks have arrived on site.
This is what our main bricks look like.
All the solider bricks for under the front window sills are tucked into one pallet's worth.
I'm a bit worried about how pale they all are but Hubby was very keen for this look.

Doors stacked neatly at the front of the block. No sign of the window frames yet.
They label all the steel beams. You can see the ones for the games room etc.

Supposedly our brickie is starting on Monday. We have a meeting with the SS and the brickie at 9am. If no major weather dramas we should be at plate height when they stop for Xmas.

Hubby was told the delays in them starting site works put us behind 3 weeks and that only some trades have 2 weeks off, over xmas. Some have longer.
End date is 29th of May + delays.
So at this stage that means mid June.

On a different note we paid our deposit on the cork flooring for the main living areas of the house last Saturday. Yippee. The rest of the house might have to be concrete flooring for a while depending on finances but at least the cork flooring areas will be in before we move in.

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