Thursday, November 6, 2008


Finally today the pipes have been laid. It's been very wet here so I am not too hopeful that the slab will be laid tomorrow. It could well be next week.
We can now get a real sense of the slab size though from the layout of sinks, toilets etc and can also see just how much higher the slab is going to end up being than the current ground level.

Looking across from in front of our main bedroom towards the southern side and our alfresco.

Looking from the corner of the office across to the back, western corner of the house.

Looking down the side of the house. This is outside a corner of the main bedroom. You can see pipes for ensuite, main bathroom and laundry.

I'm assuming the trenches are for more concrete to reinforce sections of the slab.

You can see it was raining when I took the video below as a rain spot appears on the lens.


stormygirl said...

Ooooh! How exciting! I guess you were right when you said you wanted to be next! ;)

Looking forward to reading your journey and following along with ours somewhere not too far behind you!

kexkez said...

Thanks Stormy. Hope yours starts soon too. Congrats on being my firs comment. I only realised recently I had to change a setting to allow comments. :)