Thursday, November 27, 2008

They've started

Met our Site Superviser on site on Monday and got to meet the brickies as well. Hello to D our S.S. and to M and G the brickies who I hope will continue to do a fantastic job. It certainly looks great so far. A bit more bad news though is that the person doing the digging for the leech drains has struck clay so we'll have some more $ and decisions to make before they can be put in. blahhh

Well the brickies started on Monday. A little bit of a drama since our windows had not arrived but they were working around it. Windows arrived late Tuesday and a portaloo finally yesterday while the guys had the building companies annual Xmas day off party thingy. So today they should be getting stuck into it.

We also found out who our roofer is likely to be and possibly our plasterer. More on that as it comes up to that time.

Anyone want a bath? Yes we've had a little rain lately.

They've been able to start on a couple of the walls and leave where the windows are to go.
( end of Monday)

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