Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bricks with raked mortar

Just wanted to post a picture of our garage wall so everyone could see what our brickwork looks like. We are quite pleased with the look of the raked mortar and it has really brought out the patterns on the bricks.
The 2nd and third pictures are from the wall of the office.
Though the 2nd picture shows some bricks with a discolouration which we aren't so happy about. It hasn't shown up super well in the photo but Hubby spotted it straight away. It looked like one small batch of about 25 bricks have a slightly different and less contrasting tinge to them. Unfortunately they have been laid in a 4 course high band along the wall of the office. Not a lot we can do about them. Hopefully once the roof is on and the eaves overshadow the wall area above them it won't look so odd. We hope one day to put a spa in this area and by then it will be completely covered over so hopefully it will be less obvious.

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BelleBeau said...

Hi kexkez, I really like your bricks, you are right it is hard to see the discolouration int he photo. Looks like it is going full steam ahead. Good luck with your build,