Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's here!

Well just after noon today our beautiful organic gardeners mix arrived. 10m3 of it.

It looks so small a pile I think/know we need more but I'll settle for this atm. Little bit of smell but it's a nice pooey garden pong.

We are also having a woodfire delivered today. Purchased from K & T ( Pebble from H1)
It's the basic Norseman Lumberjack. We'll be using it to warm the main living area and to cut some costs in heating with the reverse cycle aircon.

of course it will be some time before we get it installed. We need a hearth, probably some extra flue shielding and someone to install it but it's a start. :)

Our one will need a bit of a scrub up as it's been sitting in the shed where Pebble and family were living until their house was built. It will be sitting in our garage until we can organise someone to install it.

Heater has arrived with some pristine flue and lots of bits and pieces. Thank you T and K and T had even given it a good cleanup. :)


Kek said...

The soil looks lovely! I'm sure you'll have fun spreading it...

Hopefully you should be right for a few weeks without the heater. Just pray for warm weather for a bit longer. ;o)

kexkez said...

Should be fine. We heve the reverse cycle refrigerative aircon if it gets really cold but it isn't too bad yet. We might be able to get the retic guys to spread the dirt and dig it in. Since in the garden beds its digging it into gravel and rock it's not really something that can be done by hand. DH has to preserve his back and can't do any digging. We will have to see what the 2 guys quoting next week say. Otherwise we'll get our favourite bobcat retaining wall man in to do it.