Saturday, April 17, 2010

More quotes and a midnight visitor

We've had 2 more quotes for reticulation or as the 2nd person said. Not retic but irrigation!

   Both were far more professional than our first quote last week thank goodness. Now we wait to see what the quotes come in at.  We both liked the last quote people but we'll wait and see. The final guy was actually a Waterwise landscaper and has an Irrigation offsider/partner. So between them they can spread our dirt, lay the irrigation and install the lawn for us.

 We've had quite a bit of rain recently and on Thursday night we had a noisy visitor at around midnight.  Still unsure of what it was.  HUbby at first though it was a bird but on investigation the sound is coming from beneath the dirt so it looks like it's either a "sandgroper" or a frog. I've been on to all the frog watch sites trying to identify the sound but I've had no luck.   it sound a bit like a meowing kitten.

  DS1 and I had a great giggling time hunting in the dirt and meowing back to it on Thursday night.   Then I recorded the sound on my iphone and played that back to it.

  Last night ( Friday) it returned again about 11.40pm.  Since DS1 had 4 mates over for a sleepover we all trooped outside to try and hear it. Of course it went quiet but  eventually it started up again as we were about to give up.

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