Sunday, April 18, 2010


Realised I hadn't watered for a few days because of the rain but that some of the new plants I bought last weekend were used to being watered every day so thought I would give everything a bit of a drink.  Anyway while pottering around I decided to  spread out some of the sugarcane mulch  which had been constantly blown around by the wind. There was a big bunch of it near one of my roses.  I got a bit of a surprise as the "earth" moved.  Frog!  ugly looking thing.    I wonder if it's the same sort as the one that has been making the noise?  it was about 3-4 m from  where the noise always comes from.  After this I went back to where I'd been hearing the "kitten" sound because with the watering it had started up again.  I'm guessing close to midnight there's a bit of damp and so it starts. By watering  I'd made things damp and it was set to call again.  Anyway  I had a bit of a fossick around  in the sugar cane mulch where the sound was coming from. It is quite thick there and as I  moved some there was a distinct squeal like I'd  touched or pushed something. It made me jump and squeal as well.  :)  After I recovered I had a good look and a dig but there was no sign of anything.  It has to be a frog.   But it might not be the same as the other one.  I never heard the other frog make a sound.  All last night "kitten" frog kept up it's call.

I have to say I'm very pleased to think that the builders sand is beginning to look nice and healthy and am very thrilled to think that it has a vote from at least 1 frog.

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