Monday, December 28, 2009

Fans and Garden

Got home from Perth yesterday evening feeling quite shattered. We caught up with family and managed to do a bit of Christmas sales buying yesterday as well. Went to Beacon Lighting and picked up 5 ceiling fan lights for the house. This means all bedrooms except the spare will have a ceiling fan and we will also be putting 2 in the main living area. We did try to get the same ones exactly but couldn't get them in the same colour combinations so have settled for 2
different colours, 3 variations on the same model. We've had to leave 3 of the fans in Perth until our next trip as we ran out of boot space.

This is the one for our bedroom.

This is one of the ones for the main living area where the computers all are.
This one is also for the main living area and will be between two ceiling lights.
We have 1 chrome fan /light with wenge blades, One chrome fan with wenge blades for the main living area.
2 white ceiling fans with lights for the boys rooms and one white eco version (T5 fluro) light fitting for our bedroom. This one has a slightly more bulgy light fitting section but it was the only way to get the fluro light which is meant to be brighter than the ones in the other lights. They are all hallogen not CLF as this was the only version offereed in this light model. We couldn't find any other fans that we both liked although both of us saw ones we liked individually.
The brand is Lucci and the fan is called the Futura. Choice magazine didn't rate it super highly
(We didn't have $350 to spend per fan) but in the mid price range fans it was one of the better ones.

These are the minor bedroom lights. You can see our main bedroom one behind it.

Today I started on our first proper garden bed. ( There's a temp one for some plants that will eventually be moved near it) the weather isn't exactly perfect for gardening but I've been itching to get started and finally the retaining wall guy finished the last section of wall at the front of the house. ( I think we should have one more block but never mind perhaps he can add that when we eventually bring him back to do the other side of the house. I planted 18 dwarf abelias along the edge of the retaining wall. I'm going to have to go and get another punnet of 6 as I ran out.

First I started by digging in some of the soil conditioner and garden mix into the builders sand pad and then added more as I dug each section for the plants themselves. I plan to grab some wood chips to mulch near each plant when I go to the nursery tomorrow to buy the extra punnet of abelias.

I still have to dig the rest of the soil conditioner into the rest of the bed. The bed is about 10 m long by 3m wide. Once its done i'll water in some molasses.

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heatherbelle said...

Seasons greetings...hope you enjoyed Perth.
Sounds like you're as busy as ever.
Gardening sounds like a plan if the weather co-operates..perhaps it's a bit cooler down there but in my experience it was still hot.
Don't work too hard.