Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And roses go in.

The row might not look straight but it is!

After finishing digging it it was finally time for the reward. When we decided to sell our last house I took cuttings from my favourite rose plant to a local rose nursery and they were able to graft the cuttings on to new root stock. I had to do this if I wanted this rose at the new house because no one was growing that particular rose in WA anymore. It's a Floribunda rose ( always thought it was a HT) , non scented and I guess because of this not very popular. It's called Scarlet Queen Elizabeth. But I love the colour of the flower. After about 9 months of waiting anxiously I heard they had managed to get 17 plants from the cuttings I'd done so I took a trip up to Perth and picked out 7 to keep.
For months I've had an idea in mind for the rose garden. A zigzag look of two rows with room between for others. I'd drawn them on computer in the proposed layout and even set them out in their pots last week and thought it looked ok. However with the ground ready finally to take them I didn't like the look at all. Trying to imagine them with random roses between just didn't produce a good look in my mind's eye. So I've opted for a single row.

I will be buying some more roses later on. Some scented ones.

Black magic.
Black Velvet
"Black Velvet " in memory of my nan who passed away about a month ago. ( it was her favourite rose)and "Papa Meilland" will be three I will be buying.
Papa Meilland ( for it's lovely scent)

At this stage I'm not sure what others I will buy.


netadelle said...

I hope the roses blossom in there new position! Your right it is a beautiful looking rose.
I have these three African Violets that I am madly trying to keep alive because we got them from my hubby's now deceased Grandfather. So I understand wanting to grow the rose your Grandma liked :)

kexkez said...

Thanks netadelle. I've now ordered a few more roses. Fingers crossed they can get them in too.

heatherbelle said...

Roses grow well where you are so you should have no problems and your choices are certainly beautiful. I hope to see them some day.