Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dig, dig and more digging.

As you can see from the photo's this little bed is only the start of a huge garden production that will be a number of years in the making.

I have to wait until the 4th to find out if I can get any more tube stock punnets of the dwarf abelia. Hopefully they nursery will have some in stock.

I'm about half way through digging in the soil conditioner. It's a bit warm to finish atm and seeing as I'm not used to physical work I'm doing a small bit each day. I really need to dig it in further but this is just to make a start on the bed and then I'll use some more to increase the percentage of conditioner to sand when I actually plant my roses and other plants.

A few shots from slightly different angles of the bed I'm working on.

And some plants from Mum. This photo is really here so Fu can have a fit at all the dietes and rhoeos.

I found this nice little plant at the local "Thrifty Link hardware store. Quite like it. So took a couple of shots so I remember it.

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