Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Still waiting

Well it took nearly 8 weeks for our plans to come back from council and even then we waited for more weeks until approval came back from the Health Department.
So much for our "2-3 weeks from sending to council. Builder contact "B" sent our file across to the construction section of the builder while they waited for Health Department approval. While we waited construction were able to start working out finer details and , as we have since discovered book earthworks and possible slab date.
A week or so later Health Department approval arrived wiht some minor changed required to leech drain position and layout and was very quickly followed by our first invoice and introductory letters from our new construction person" D" and the office contact in construction" A" along with some general details on when to expect them to contact us, telling us what they expect from us. i.e. be patient, if there is a delay they are getting to it as fast as they can... not to bug them basically, hmm we will see..

well that kept us quiet for nearly 2 weeks.
Yesterday I rang "B" to ask about something else and while I was talking to her I was able to talk to "A" about when earthworks were likley to happen. She chased up our file and rang back with the news that earthworks have been booked for this Friday and slab work for the 23rd.
I guess we now wait and see what happens.

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