Thursday, October 23, 2008


13 days late but here at last. Hubby said I should say this is me with the machine I've borrowed for the weekend. Thought I'd make my own start on our earthworks. BUT it's not true of course. After what seems like forever we have earthmoving equipment on the block and some site pegs. Yippeee.

We seem to have more pegs further out than we expected although we did expect them to be slightly off the original pad.

We seem to have 2 different types of grass tress on our block. Not sure that you can see the differences in this photo. Both are together. One is what i think of as a normal type grass tree and next to it the ones we seem to have all over the block. They had a long narrow stem and a smaller yellow/cream flower head.
You can see the way the block slopes down towards the plum farm behind us.

These are 2 of the ones we had at our last house. We don't have any large ones here at the new block. I miss our beautiful big trees.

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