Saturday, June 7, 2008

Movement all around

There's been movement on the block although not from our builder. We had an agreement with the developer when we bought the block for him to remove a couple of trees that would be in the way of our new house. On Friday he arrived and removed the trees. We had wanted 4 removed. 5 have gone. A smaller tree was too close to one of the large ones ended up being removed at the same time. The block looks very open now. It has a very different look and of course there is a heap of leaf litter and minor branches spread all over the ground. It looks like a tornado has been through. Now comes the big question. The developer dragged all the removed trees to the back of our block. Something I was half hoping he would do so we could keep them for future firewood. However Hubby is not so sure about this and is quite rightly worried that snakes might like to make their home in it. So it seems we will have to find a way to chop up the trees. I guess we've got a year to do so. Photo to come when I take the camera to the block tomorrow.

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