Sunday, June 1, 2008

kitchen confusion

We visited the granite benchtop suppliers yesterday and checked out the granite we'd picked for our benchtop and discovered we didn't like it at all. The sample we'd seen had a very even pattern to it which was lovely BUT on a large piece there are big black spots in random spaces. It seems when a tree grows through the granite and fossilizes it makes big black spots. sigh... didn't like the effect as all on the beautiful little dotty grey /black and white stone. so we've picked a brand new colour. Thank goodness we decided to pop in and see if they had a large sheet of the granite or we would never have known about this quality. Anyway the upshot is we will need new splashback tiles and a new laminex cupboard door colour. Thank goodness we haven't gotten to prestart yet or it would have been a cost variation. Anyway the new colour from Absolute Stone is called "pampas" So now we will be looking for an creamy white colour laminate. The lovely lady suppler provided me with a sample and I've got my camera with me so I might be able to up load a photo. Yes it does have greenish tinges but with the right colours it looks more gold/brown and deep grey ou can also see the original "graphite' choice in the paper pamphlet. The real sample ( 10cm x 20cm) we'd seen looked like that too. I t did look excatly like the picture except that in a large ( 600 x 1.5m ) sample there were these huge 20c piece sized black spots. so suggestions? we are hoping to visit somewere with laminate displays while in perth today so we don't have to spend ages looking for a laminate next saturday. Finding a new tile splash back will be painful enough.

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