Thursday, June 12, 2008

Almost pre-start time

A lot happening atm. Can't sleep. Tomorrow is "prestart" for the new house. We've had a bit of a kerfuffle changing some colours and items in the house choices and realising there were a few things wrong with the plans that we will need to sort out tomorrow when we meet with our builders.

OK major problem. dawned on us when we took another long look at the plans over the weekend. The kitchen is ridiculously wide. I hadn't taken in comments from everyone about how "big" the kitchen was. I had been assuming they were talking about the length of the kitchen benches. Yes they are long. But the width of the kitchen is stupidly ridiculous. ( is this a description?) some how we've ended up with a floor area of 2.5 m between one side of the kitchen and the other. I know why. When we changed builders and they redrew the plans they moved the office forward and that widened the kitchen and for some reason we've only just noticed it. As well somehow they manged to slip in a mega tiny pantry door that is 520mm wide. Biafran size, as someone at work put it. hmm I guess it's a "diet" pantry since I couldn't fit in there even sideways! So We have a plan to narrow the kitchen, put a bigger door on the pantry and lengthen the pantry at the same time. Fingers crossed it's cost effective.

We've just spent 2 1/2 hours going back over everything tonight to make sure we have all the decisions we can have made, before the meeting. I've redrawn all the positions of additional lights, power points, tv points switches, taps etc etc on multiple copies of the plans. Hubby has 2 +pages of notes to refer to tomorrow. I've got about 5 with all the paint choices, laminates etc on it. We've also got to carrying the building file provided by the builders and remember the receipts from the tiling places that have our selections and reference numbers on them for the tiles. He's just rushed out then wondering if we need to take the cheque book in case we need to make a payment. No idea! was my reply. Something else to carry with us.

The developer has visited the block and pushed down the trees that needed "removing" but unfortunately he hasn't removed them just dragged them down to the "bottom of the garden" sigh. Hubby is now muttering about having to cut them up before snakes move in. I have visions of arriving home to no hubby and finding him lying amongst the bits of wood having had a heart attack from sawing and chopping all the trees into bits. He's not convinced he should consider a chain saw.

And.. it's reporting time at work. so I'm busy marking, composing paragraphs of comments for each of my students, recording data on how they are going in preparation for reports which are due on Monday. Great timing!

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