Wednesday, May 21, 2008

waiting, waiting, waiting

It's been nearly 4 weeks now that we've been waiting for our first formal house plans to arrive. We'd been told that it was likely to be last week or early this week. hmm we'll see. Arrived home on Monday night, checked emails before rushing out the door for mahjong at 7pm. The games went late and it was 11 before I got home. For some reason I rechecked my emails again before bed and there was an email from our builders rep. Grr they've just realised they drew the initial draft plans with a 25% pitch roof and want to know if we really want to go with that. it seems the house our design is based on has a 20% roof pitch. Too late to email or call and we have no idea what difference it makes or if it makes a difference to the Solahart hot water system. So yesterday hubby had to call the hot water system people to check if they had a recommendation and then ring the builders rep. hmm It seems it makes not real difference except over 28% pitch the hot water system needs a special install so it doesn't slide off the roof. It wasn't costed in the price we've been given. It turns out that if we want the 25% roof it will cost us another 1300 and will not look very different to a 20% roofline. I'm guessing the roof pitch was changed in the drawings because we were considering some gables but then took them out before we got pricing. so obviously the drafts people are not that close to completing the house plans. The rep suggested we've be better off using the money on an upgrade of something for better value.
The builders rep though told Hubby that the plans were imminent!. That could mean anything.
On a different note we've managed to get hold of the developer and he is likely to come out this week to see which trees need removing and possibly remove them. :) Great news.

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