Friday, May 2, 2008

A little about the block

* The block is 3/4 of an acre. 3000+ sq m
* A corner block. (not something we'd normally have been keen to purchase because of the wasted land area. As we see it.)
* Slightly higher than all the blocks around us.
* Plum farm directly behind us that is in the process of being re-zoned for residential. These blocks will be a minimum of 1/2 acre in size. They are lower down than us and when built on their "plate height" will be slightly lower than our building pad. Beyond the plum farm the land rises slightly and it is state forest.
* Across the road( also lower than us) on the what will eventually be a through road to the subdivided plum farm blocks, there are 1 acre blocks and behind that it is state forest.
* Our block is in a small dead end street that consists of 7 blocks only.

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