Thursday, May 1, 2008

Title has Arrived

We have title!. That's kinda like saying we have lift off. For the past 6 weeks+ we've been waiting for our land title to arrive and it finally got here today. Yippee. Our Building Society (bank) has been asking for the title before they'd do the final processing of the equity loan paperwork and the builder wants to sight it so they know we do own the land and are not just wasting their time.. Well today it came so that's one more step towards building.
Hopefully next week we'd get site costs back from the builders and the first proper plans will be finished so we'll have all the proper measurements instead of trying to guess lengths etc from the draft plans like we are currently doing.
I must say the Title Deed itself was a disappointment. The title deed for our last house block was a little more ornate. I had planned to photocopy it as a keepsake since the Building society will keep the real one until we pay off the loan. This one has no fancy lettering, no printed out allotment details on it like our last one. However it's the real thing and thats' what matters. Will be heading over to the block on the weekend and getting our eldest to take a picture of us with title in hand on site.

2nd weekend job will be heading into Bunbury to the tile shops to ask to buy a sample title to keep of the tiles we've picked for the ensuite bathroom and the kitchen. It was such a drama finding tiles we both agreed on that I'm worried by the time the Builder comes to ordering them for our build the tiles will not be available and we'll have to choose something else. At least this way we'll have a sample and we can try and find something similar. Otherwise we'll want to re-pick laminates as well.

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