Sunday, October 7, 2012

So it begins.. again

The plasterer came this morning.  He's fixed in a heap of screws running in about 800mm from the side wall ( load bearing wall) on each joist(?) where the falling down plaster board is.  He's also  fixed screws to either side of the long plaster board gaps in the  kitchen and family room sections of the room. Red line is where the plaster was falling down. Green lines are where there are large enough cracks in the plaster boards for repairs to once again be done.

The plasterer is going to return on Wednesday.  he says at around 9.  Lets hope he's there then and I'm not spending my entire day waiting for him. Of course this return is for him to skim and flatten the boards. Then he has to return to sand which will be messy. Then someone else will have to come and repaint. It's a big area.   The ceiling runs through without any cornice or door frames all the way into the kids activiity room.  So it might all need to be repainted.

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