Saturday, October 6, 2012

Slight hiccup

Thursday night, tucked up in bed when Hubby dashes past the bedroom and heads out to the garage.
"Ceiling is falling down!" he exclaims as he rushes past.

It seems the dramas with our ceilings are not yet over.
We'd been watching as the cracks had gotten worse in several of the ceiling board joints once again  but this was /is something else.
It might be the glue or just another example of poor workmanship from the plasterers.
One length of wall in the games room, right above several  computers has come away from whatever holds it up.  Not just the cornice but the plaster board. It's a length of about 5m. At worst it drops about 10 cm.
 So yesterday morning a call was made to the maintenance supervisor, "D"  He sounded fairly relaxed about it when Hubby called him on his mobile. But 10 minutes later , I'm guessing after arriving at work, and checking our our build history he called back, a little less complacent. He said he'd be out with someone else as well.  True to his word they both arrived within 2 hours.
They also took a good look at the cracked plaster joins. So the plasterer will be expected to return. fix the problem, including redoing all the cracked board joints.  Here's hoping this time he and his workers actually don't make as much mess.  Fingers crossed they will actually call and organise times to come rather than just turn up and expect to be let in without notice as they did last time. We've sent an email to "D" with the times it suits us for the next week to have someone come out.  Eldest has 4 exams next week, I have chiro appointments etc. So they will have to work around us. Last time was a pain in the...  
So lots of additional screws into the plaster board, repatching and repainting. Again! I hope it doesn't drag on over 8 months this time. G put up some pipe and used 2 brooms to stop the ceiling from slipping further and hold it in place on Thursday night. Hopefully today the plasterer will call and come and add some screws to hold it in place.

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