Saturday, July 3, 2010

More trees

A quick update. 

 House across from us has now had handover. Hubby reports someone was there during the week measuring for wood flooring. Sound lovely.  They've left a light on though. It's been on since Wednesday.  Nothing we can do about it as we haven't seen anyone to tell.

Purchased a japanese maple and a flowering plum yesterday.Flowering Plum ( Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra' see pic)  Both barerooted plants. Came home and planted them straight away and gave them some seasol to help them recover from the shock. They need a bigger drink and more seasol this weekend. Proper details on the maple  when the sun comes up and I remove the tag.
I was hoping we would have the ute fixed by now but they've had no luck finding a replacement fuel tank for it. Yes the fuel tank has sprung a leak. :( So no ute driving atm . Very frustrating as I wanted to get the remaining 3 silver birches this coming week.

 Acer Palmatum "Osakazuki"   Japanese Maple

We haven't been able to get in contact with our retaining wall man ( we assume he's away, most likely in Bali) to book him to do our final retaining wall and lay down some tailings for a driveway.  We've decided to spend the reticulation money on the wall after all the water pressure disappointment.  I still want a water tank and pump but G can't see the value.

OMG how good is a wood fire.  I decided this morning to get the fire going.  7.44 and it's just starting to warm the room. So nice. So basic. I guess going back hundreds of years in human history fire plays such a key role. There's something so nice about having one in the house despite having to get/chop/collect  wood, clean it up, cope with the ash dust etc etc.  I wonder if I'll still be feeling that way in 5 years time.

bought a silver birch while at the local nursery returned later to collect. one fast panicky trip to collect it in the  moving fuel bomb

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