Monday, July 26, 2010

Lights, paint, action time

2 weeks holidays and 1 week back at work and  now beginning the 2nd week back.

It's been a while since I posted so here's what's been happening.
 Rabbit fencing has been placed along the front of the house and I'm working down the long side run now. I still have wiring to do along the base of it.

G painted over the holiday break.  Sealed and painted 2 coats- Front hallway,minor bedroom passageway, both bathrooms and loo are complete.  The rest of the main living area and games has also had it's 2nd coat.

Part of the Kitchen, the laundry and also the kids playroom still to go. Our office which I still am not sure about as the paint came out significantly different when tinted than it should have.  Spare bedroom has been sealed and just needs  the 2 colour coats done.

We also added lights to the spare bedroom and a small ball light to the loo. I'll need to get more of these for  the pantry and something for our robe recess.

Today.  26th of July the builders electrician came and installed our light fittings.

 We now have light fittings everywhere inside the house except those mentioned above.

He also fixed the damaged light bayonet in the laundry and G was then able to install the laundry light fitting.
We still are not sure how this got damaged but suspect it was some horseplay when our eldest had some friends over for a sleepover last year.  G also paid him to install our garage lights. So now these are done as well.

This is the light in our lounge room. It's of a similar style to the light fitting we've ended up with  in the main living areas except it's larger, has round  clips to hold the base on instead of longer  ones and has a mirrored rim instead of Stainless steel. 
The lights for the main living area were to have had a white frosted glass surround to match our white downlight surrounds but we couldn't find anything  in the style we wanted anymore to match. The ones we had originally liked were discontinued. No one had anything the same.  We have a smaller version in  the hallways.
We still need to make a decision on what to put as our front door lightshade.  I would have preferred a wall light but at the time of building we were going to have a ceiling sensor light so we went with a standard ceiling bayonet. We've now gone off the idea so have to figure out what to do instead.

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