Monday, June 7, 2010

A year on and I missed it.

I was just thinking about when we got the keys last year and realised it was early June. After some fast blog checking I discovered it was 1 year ago last Friday. Of course we didn't move in straight away. The anniversary of that is not for a few more weeks.  Still thousands of dollars worth of work to be done to the house and grounds. ( mostly grounds).  But there are somethings we've spent the $ on that haven't as yet been done.  We really had better get our act together during the holidays next month.
July holiday list:
Painting if it's not too cold.
Make and hang 2nd curtain in main bedroom.
Purchase and plant x3 silver birches
Attempt to rabbit proof the front fence ( assuming it gets installed in the next few weeks)
 Make sure lights are finalised and builder's electrician is  booked to install them( if they aren't in by then)
Complete ground works for lawn and get it installed
Plant some garden plants that have been languishing in pots for 2 years..
Organise a few more tree holes so a further 8 trees can be planted.
Organise an electrician to install the garage lights we've bought and also an external power point near the power box.

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