Thursday, March 25, 2010

updates- sort of

It's been so long since I've been able to post with anything new to update but finally I have some small updates. Roof plumber called in yesterday to look at installing additional downpipes. yippee and solving a minor but potentially rust creating issue. hopefully work will be done in the next week or so. Developer finally organised someone to take away the trees he "removed' for us as part of the deal of us buying the block just over 2 years ago...

waiting for:
Still waiting for Trees for along what was an easement at the back of the property of course.
Plasterer to return to complete his ceiling fix that he started over 4 weeks ago and promised to return 3 wks ago, so the painters can return. ( he turned up on Wed, no notice and expected Dh to let him in right on taking kids to school time and with a house that needed to be plaster dust proofed instantly!)

and our lovely ceiling fan that blew up 3 weeks after install may well be mended/replaced within the next few days or early next week. My brain has turned to goo and I can't remember which Dh said it was when I got home from work yesterday. B... lightings electrician rang and wanted to know how long it would take him to get here. dh said he didn't seem happy when he said about 90 mins. They had better not expect us to pay for him after making us wait over a month. He'd better turn up with the correct fan with wenge blades or there will be hell to play and You will be able to hear me in Queensland.
We have the rest of the house's lighting to buy yet. We won't be shopping at B.

Also we finally got someone out to give us our first fencing quote for the 110+ m of fencing we still need. Fencing man has said it's closer to 117m. Now we wait for the quote to come back. He's booked 4 wks ahead. But it's a start.

Looking forward to the weekend. Eldest son and I are heading up to the city to go to the West Coast Blues 'n Roots Festival. He's very excited too. His first concert/festival. We are going to see Gogol Bordello. ( interesting band)

Plus a few other performers, I hope. Now he just needs to get well as he's been sick and off school most of this week with some viral bug.


kexkez said...

ceiling fan replaced on thursday. :) old trees are gone from behind the house plumber is meant to return on Monday to sort out the downpipe issue. Now we just need a fencing quote and the developer to sort out their trees.

Kek said...

Hurrah!! It must be nice to have a few things done - finally.

kexkez said...

yah! soil arrives today and we've bought a fire from a friend. :) Pebble from H1. Will be nice to see her and meet her Hubby for the first time later today. :)