Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sick Gum and first garden bed

After much googling it seems my sick tree is a Marri tree (red gum /corymbia calophylla ) and is likely suffering from canker. There is no cure. It will eventually kill the tree. If this is the case it also effects flowering red gum trees. Mum recently told me she has a flowering red gum tree tube for me. Not much point in me planting it as they are the only other gum susceptible to this canker.

The tree that is the furthest from the house appears to be suffering. If it falls it will not hit the house but could damage trees closer to the house.

At this stage we will leave it there but it doesn't look too good. I've tried googling to see what I can find but all the things I've read seem to suggest that if it is weeping that much sap it must be dying.
black cockatoos being very aggressive here . they have completely stripped the bark off some other trees we had removed that were prob the same sort. But they've left the other trees we have standing, alone. don't think they are the same variety.

Today I made a start on a small experimental garden bed out the front of the house near the front door. After some excellent advice from" Fu" I've added organic soil conditioner and some pig poo to a section of the builders sand pad. After digging it in. ( Also added some kitchen scraps) I watered the area with a molasses -water mix in a watering can.

Still to get a couple of products when I go to Perth in a few weeks but I've made a start. I hope to plant something in the bed next weekend. Giving time for the soil additions to settle in.

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heatherbelle said...

Great to see the progress you are making at your new home. I think of you often and envy you your lovely lifestyle in the country. I miss it so much. Please call and see me if you are up this way.
I am now following this page so will know if you add a blog. Hopefully we won't lose touch this time.