Friday, August 7, 2009

On higher ground

Things I bet you didn't know.

It seems there is a downside to living on the highest block around here.

earlier in the week we received a note from the Water board to say they would be turning off the water between 8am and 4pm yesterday. Fine. We prepared. Filled the kettle. Put water in 2 buckets ( for loo flushing) made sure our several water bottles ( 2L ones) were all filled etc. I arrived home at 5pm to G not happy at all. Water had still not been turned back on. He'd rung the water board who told him water was on and they didn't understand why all our taps were blowing was air. They said they'd send someone out. Around quarter to 6 the man arrived. it seems because we are uphill from everywhere around us the pipes needed a good flushing after whatever work was done so that we could get water where as everyone around us would have already had water. :( hmmm

The emergency call man wasn't too happy that this hadn't been done. ( 35 kms + traveling time to get out here)

He was here for about 90 mins. Had to flush water from 2 outlet pipes one on the block next to us and one down the road a bit and then had water running from the fire hydrant point across the road from us for close on an hour. I hate to think of all the water that we saw running into the stormwater drains. He said there was a lot of black, dirty water coming through and that was why he'd run the water out for a while. Finally by 7pm we were allowed to turn our taps on. yippee.

The other downside I've mentioned before. The power earthing issue. Due to our rocky block, being the current, end of the line ( no pun intended) and supposedly because we are again on a high block. blahhh This problem seems to have been fixed now. Thank goodness.

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Jo said...

Wow this is interesting. We are the highest block and will be the end of the line for quite a while until our street is extended. This is definitely something I will keep in mind.

I'd never have thought about it!!!!