Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plaster completed.

In our Bedroom looking towards the hall.

Plaster work seems finished on the house as of today.

I guess that means if the S.S is happy it will be on to lockup next.

Few concerns though. The bonus water tap in the fridge freeze space has a damp look around it. Hmmm looks as if it is leaking after all! this might delay things if the S.S. spots it and the plumber has to come back and fix it up. A bit of a worry since it isn't in the plans if we have an issue after and wanted it sorted out after handover.

There is also discolouration in the guest bedroom directly behind where the bathroom , bath taps are. The guys seem to have used these taps for water and somehow it's leaked through the wall. The concrete floor looks damp.
I notice our bath hole ( the hole they leave below the bath) is filled with plumbers cement bits and bobs and plasterers cr#p. Might have to consider digging it out and ditching it. I know the dog poo has to still be in there. I've been telling myself it will get cleaned up but it doesn't look like it will. Every time I walk into that bathroom I'm going to be reminded that there is dog poo under the bath.

Door seems to have come off the portaloo. One room with a view going cheap. You wouldn't want to be shy.

Switch and cables for bathroom ixls.


BelleBeau said...

Bit of a worry about the dog poo. I'm the same, I would not be able to go in there without remembering. I really wonder what these guys must be like at home! Our site is full of rubbish too and there is a rubbish cage at the front of the block.

Bit of a worry about the water and damp, Fingers crossed that it will all be fixed for you.

Plastering looks good, each room really starts to take shape with the plaster.


Kek said...

Tradies are pigs....but dog poo in the bathroom is really over the top.

Make a fuss and keep on making a fuss till they clean it up. Ick.