Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update, so late

I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last update until I went to update some garden info elsewhere so here goes.
 I'm going to steal some updates from Homeone.

Sun May 26th- Was having a wander after planting a few more things today and discovered our pincushion hakeas are starting to flower.
Part of the hakea line. plants range in height from approx 60 cms to 2.5 m with most around the 1.6 m.
Little row of dwarf nandina's in front of the new fence.  



   I went  to the Nannup Tulip Festival and had a quick look around after performing with our local Choir in one of the tents.
There was a lovely display set up in the hall.


and a wonderful town entry display.
Wed Oct 9th
My posts on this thread have been few. I'm still unable to do a significant amount of work in the garden due to my back surgery in January. The weeds have/had taken over most of the front yard. I did manage to shift 4 of the roses and they are now beginning to bloom. I heard today about using banana skins to deter aphids so I'm going to give it a go. The roses have a bit of black spot as well so I'll be looking at treating that if the weather decides to play nice for a few more days and stay dry. we've had a very wet start to Spring here. Great for plant establishment but unfortunately also great for the weeds and blackspot on roses.

The lawn is overwhelmed with weeds. It hasn't had a good weeding for nearly a year. DH has vowed to spray it as it's so bad but it's been too wet.

Last week noting my despair he attacked the weeds in the smaller of the 2 side beds in the front and whippersnippered and weeded it. He then spread mulch over the bed.
It's looking far better at the moment.
Out the back we've planted a new lemon, "Eureka." Lots of thorns but delicious lemons.
A sublime lime. Both have been planted in the damp area below the leech drains. Hopefully they can soak up some of the moisture.

We've also planted a variety of wet/damp loving roo paws, and other plants in and around the leech drains including some damp loving boronias to try and help manage the bog that was the result of our extremely damp last couple of months. there are lots of weedy grass patches and DH has decided to keep them, hopefully tamed but still growing as the dog loves romping in them and it's better than having to chop them every week and putting up with a leech drain smelling dog from boggy bare earth.

The sole roo paw in our back garden has again flowered.
The mulberry "tree" ok stick is fruiting.
Both apple trees have survived 9 we think) though they are only just getting leaves back.
The native orchard spikes are beginning to appear and we continue to plant little tube stock natives under the trees. ( another 4 or so recently) though sometimes, missing my azaleas I'm tempted to drop in a couple of them. ( haven't succumbed yet)

Pet's are happy.
 Except when they think they will get to enjoy some sunshine and it starts to rain.

Fog 2 weeks ago. looking back towards the house.

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