Saturday, April 30, 2011


We've been so looking forward to rain I had forgotten about the down side.
 Back three days now. The garden is covered in green. Not good green but weed green. There are weeds everywhere. Far too many to weed by hand. I will be getting the rake and hoe out and  working on clearing them.  The drive still looks great but I notice there is some of the white sand mixed through it. Not too happy about that as I think it spoils the look.
Plants in pots seemed to have survived our 8 days away thankfully. I suspect the ground is still as rock hard as ever for digging but I'll need to get into it  and plant the hedge. At least one of the grevilleas is looking almost complete dead in it's pot.  I have some spongolite and zeolite to collect from a store in Bunbury to dig into the holes for each planting so it depends on whether or not the stock has arrived . Calls to make.
Also need to decide what veggies I want to grow over autumn and winter, buy some soil improver and veggie seedlings. ( or seeds)
Loved all the tropical looking plants around our accommodation in Bali. Took a few pictures but not heaps. Will upload later.

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