Sunday, October 24, 2010


well I'm back from Perth and it's time to  update this thread with pictures of our beautiful lawn.

From this:

Close up of the glorious stuff.  phew.. ( holds nose)

Add one of these and loads of raking and leveling 
   and some of this  20 kg of Zeolite and 20 kg of spongolite

To get  this

Now add seasol, molasses. seamungus and water and hopefully we'll have a thriving lawn.  woohoo


Kek said...

Wow. What a difference that must make to your view.

All the work will be worth it, you'll have the best lawn in the street. :)

kexkez said...

thanx kek.
and the only lawn/house in the street. ( ok one of the 2 streets since we are on a corner) though soon the other street we are on will go from having two lawns to having 3 more as the houses nearing completion reach handover. :)

OPG just saw TDL's beautiful "dry" creek bed. "I want" it so badly I can taste it.

Angie said...

Please tell me about the Please tell me about the molassas!! I heard it mentioned at one of the 'Great Garden' shows & raced out & got a jar..... nopw I don't remember what to do with it!!! Hope your lawn is doing well.

kexkez said...

Lawn is looking good. I only added molasses for the first time on Saturday. Hubby has been busy filling in the little gaps that appear between the turf rolls. He thinks the lawn has started growing which is good news as we are only allowed to water it a lot for the first month. I think it could do with another dose next weekend. and perhaps some seasol.

kexkez said...

Mirco Bros. $10.40 for a 6 litre tub. Angie.

also check out the garden forum section as there is one topic" molasses and how to use it" at