Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The trees are all starting to show signs of the warmer weather.  The Manchurian Pear has been in blossom for a while and now it has a good show of leaves  as well. The Tallow wood tree is budding, the silver birches have leaves , although they still have some growth to go. The flowering plum has some tiny little leaves just appearing.

                                                        Flowering Plum

                                                        Tallow Wood Tree

                                                                      Silver Birches

There are so many things to plant. I did just three on the weekend.
Magnolia x soulangeana.  I suspect it will be a pink although I'd have loved to have gotten one of the deep red/wine flowered ones.

Port Wine Magnolia- michelia figo

Coprosma Evening Glow


Kek said...

How gorgeous are they all going to be by next Spring?

LOVE magnolias!

Mrs B said...

I love those pear trees when they are in blossom. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year...just the small makes me want to be in holiday mode.

Mrs B xx