Saturday, November 28, 2009

R's been doing some constructing of his own.

Youngest has been "landscaping" the front yard this week. So far we have a 2 hole golf course.
( I've been roped in to play 3 games with him today) and now our very own stone circle.


Kek said...

Oh my.... I thought you'd been to the beach and taken some snaps. You really DO have sandy soil, don't you?

Love the golf course!

kexkez said...

that's some of the leftover builders sand. Sadly nothing grows in it except amazingly a few weeds if it gets water. Believe me I've tested it. Took some to school a couple of weeks ago and my class even tested growing cress in it compared with growing cress with a variety of other soils and various conditions. arghh

Its the only "sand" we have the rest of the block is rock,gravel and in one spot clay.
getting 3 cubic metres of stuff delivered this week to get started on the gardens. 1 cu of soil conditioner and 2 of a garden mix. Not organic though so don't tell Fu shhhh sigh really need to find a way to talk hubby into spending $570 to get a towbar installed on the car so we can use a trailer and get stuff ourselves.

Kek said...

Ah... I thought it was ultra-sandy. LOL. Our builder had a heap of brickie's sand left over too, and kindly spread it all around the block as part of the site clean. WTF?

For weeks we had sand tracked through the house, and I still keep finding pockets of sand when I try to plant something. Bah!