Thursday, November 26, 2009

more pictures

back filling is still to be completed. but It looks great. So much so we are going to get the guy to quote us for the retaining wall we need on the other side of the house. which is probably a bigger job and is certainly more fiddly as it will include several direction changes and a set of steps. He's been brilliant backfilling over our septics as well. It seems they weren't covered the way they were supposed to be. So he has backfilled with some of our additional soil and covered up a service pipe so it's just visible instead of being nearly 500mm above ground level.


Shan's blog said...

OMG retaining wall looks awesome... what have you used???

kexkez said...

HI Shannan the retaining walls are made from very heavy blocks of solid limestone. They are about 1 m in length by 350mm. The guy used a bobcat to lift them. We had originally planned to use reconsituted ones which are much smaller and lighter but our Limestone wall man said for the height we wanted we'd have to look at having it double thickness whereas if we used the bigger blocks they'd be ok as a single thickness. Any savings by using the cheaper blocks would be lost because it would take more time to build the wall and end up costing more.