Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Google Streetview

I've been having a play today with Google Streetview.
I've spotted a house in the town before ours that looks exactly like the original house plans we have modified for our build. I was going to take a photo but HUbby just suggested I try Streetview. :) LOL now I have a photo.
You can see where the original plan curves for an interesting but oddshaped main bedroom around and then the original ensuite wall. In our house this section will be part of our bedroom and the wall will be the blank wall width that will be at the front of our house. We will also have a double garage to the right of our bedroom and the double garage in their photo will be our office. :) You can't see the small verandah/porch at the front of the house as they have a little picket fence and a bush in the way. So this is the width of our house but ours will have another double garage width to it.

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