Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wine rack

Bought myself a small 4 x 3 wine rack rta thingy. a reputable darn thing I'd seen in Howards storage world. But it seems this week is not my week to partake of building challenges. It took me ages to assemble a cheap mini computer desk on Monday and then just this afternoon I decided I'd assemble the wine rack I'd purchased. well one slightly grazed, turned into 2 bloodied fingers and a nice painful blood bruise/blister on the tip of my index finger later. oh the frustration as I tried to get the little metal strips to go into the precut gaps. Hmm I should have stuck with a wooden rack. It did suggest a mallet to help. well it certainly helped me. lose all feeling in the tip of my finger anyway. and some blood. :)

:( maybe I'm meant to just drink any wine I have/buy/get given and not store it.!!!!!!

buyer beware. Bordex wine rack...

bugger it I'm going to go and make a start on drinking my wines right now!

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