Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kicking on

Our terracotta warrior man didn't survive themoving journey but thankfully our buddah did.

It's been a busy half week. Hubby and I both had birthdays. We've still got a mound of boxes in the office but this will hopefully begin to change soon.

I really was keen to get Billy bookcases in the black/brown colour , trouble was the cost to get Ikea to deliver them was well over $300 or a private random moonlighting removalist at least $150 to do the same. Anyway we went to the local Officeworks to check out their filing cabinets and to take another look at their bookcases. I'd previously only seen the 1800 height ones in dark colours but wanted to double check. Found they had some very ordinary "cherry" bookcases in the 2020 size i was looking for for $30 less than the lovely ikea ones I had my heart set on. Decided on the budget SOHO filing cabinets they had but they only had them in grey and I was keen to continue my black/dark brown theme in the office. Discovered they had some timber look ones for an extra $9 each, much more attractive than the grey ones and these could be delivered. Long and short of the story is I rang the 1300 number and ended up ordering 7 bookcases in the cherry ( grimace) and 2 filing cabinets. WAIT FOR IT!!!!!!!

I ordered at 9am Monday morning and yesterday ( Tuesday) at 10.30 a big yellow delivery van rolled up with 2 4 drawer filing cabinets and all the shelving for the 7 bookcases, backs and sides to come today. AND!!!!!!! delivery was $44! So it seems the office will be cherry/ black-brown now. oh well. I've saved around $500. Couldn't resist the bargain. We'll be very busy putting all these together.

More wins. The local ( 35kms away) Crazy Clarkes, ( Super cheap discount store) had black trestle tables 2m in length. 30% off. So I bought 2 and got someone we know locally to pick them up for us for basically the cost of fuel. :) so for $110 including delivery cost we now have a 4 m work bench area in the office. ATM it's covered with items but eventually there will be shelving above the 2nd bench to hold all my wiring, cables, spare hd's and equipment. Very pleased with this.

Delighted to report our broadband is back on. Was very worried as there were only 3 spare ports. One of the reasons I was happy to move to this town( it was one of the criteria) was that broadband was available so I would have been gutted to not have been able to access it.

Picked up my sewing machine yesterday after it was given a service so I should be able to make up the curtains for our bedroom. Yippee. Hubby spent Monday putting up a retractable clothes line in the garage and 6 curtain rods and rails. Even without curtians on the ones in our bedroom and the lounge the rooms somehow seem more finished.

These are the cushions we found for the couch. We looked at suede type cushions but felt the cushions needed to be a different texture to the couch as they just looked lost. I couldn't find anything with embroidery we liked and then saw these. Simple ones in colours that suited.
Kitchen handle pictures for a H1 forumite.
Our office and minor bedroom carpet. It's actually a deep charcoal colour but looks lighter here.
This is the carpet in the lounge and main bedroom. It's a deep chocolate colour. The flash has washed it out.

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