Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clearing and sorting

Clearing out the office continues again today. Last Saturday G put together the 7 bookcases ( 6 for the office and one for the kids area) I spent some time on the weekend putting some books away but there are still many things to find homes for.

You can see there is still a fair way to go.

Inspired by A-M's beautiful things posts I decided to set up a
"special" keepsake from my childhood. I found it stuffed in a box when unpacking more things today. When I was a child my family did not have a lot of money , however we would often go to country Field Day Fairs. On rare occasions when Mum had spending money she would buy a ticket on the "chocolate wheel." (A spinning number wheel) People would buy a ticket and hope it would come up to win prizes. Mum is one of those people I certainly envy, who are frequently lucky at games of chance. And Yes she does quite well when she goes to the casino. :)

Many of my toys as a child came from the chocolate wheels.
My 2 teddies ( big and little Ted) , my rag doll Jane ( long gone), a small tin single room dolls house ( I had no dolls small enough for it but I still loved it) and this barbie sized table setting.
Definitely looking the worse for wear I was absolutely thrilled with it as a small child. It's unfortunately not complete. Several missing small forks (yes it came with large and small forks as well as bread and butter knives, soup and dessert spoons) and one knife, 1 serviette and two missing wine glasses. still not bad for a well loved toy from 40+ years ago. Little Ted has also come on our latest journey. He's quite worn and one of his glass eyes has been theatening to fall out completely for years but I still cart him from home to home.

So does anyone else have things kept from their childhood?

Or am I the only horrendous hoarder amoungst the people who read this blog.
I also have my very special baby doll, "Christina" and a number of my first books. I didn't have many and not having siblings not only were they fairly well looked after by me there were no "others" to wear them out.

Ok back to my usual geeky self as I'm starting to get visions of being smothered in pink taffeta and lace. arghhhhh... No idea why as I never had anything like that to wear in my childhood.

Our network cables already starting to look tangled in the office. I guess I'll have to sort these out properly some time soon.

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