Saturday, July 11, 2009

We're here

Still no photos as We are buried in boxes and to be honest I don't

even know where a cable is to download photos to the computer from

phone or camera. Not sure where camera is either. I was much more

organised with the last move 19 months ago.

House is looking good. Had the Site supervisor call in yesterday to

see if we were happy so we could sign off and be on track for the 4

month inspection. We were discussing things we've noticed and I

pointed out a nail in the pantry that had never been hammered in and

he spotted that the pantry ceiling has only had one coat. He also

wasn;t happy with the ceiling coating in the main living area and

will be getting the painters back to redo this.
We've had our flywire doors installed and a couple of window sliders

straightened up. One is still a little loose. It seems someone put a

rivet in the wrong place. The window is ok but not perfect and they

are willing to fix it. Unfortunately the fix would mean pulling the

entire frame out of the wall so We've opted to leave it as is.

G in particular is getting a bit of an extra spark out of living

here. We have an electric current surprise when we shower\ He

describes it as like putting your tongue on a 9volt battery.

Happens when he touches the taps in the shower. Not sure if its a

static thing or earthing thing. Electrician has been back. He's

put in an extra earthing point thing. ( no idea of the proper name,

sorry) He's tested all the wiring and said whatever is causing it

is so low a current reading doesn't show up on his metres which

means its below 1 something...He tested every point in the house

and our surge protectors. . Western power want him to run a couple

more tests next week incase it is feedback from the house down the

road. He did tell us it's something that although not that common it

is more common on properties with a lot of rock like ours.

Finally got the rental cleaned and finished off last night. G has

one more trip there today to empty the last things out of the shed

and we need to return the keys at 9 this morning and then that is

all done.

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