Thursday, January 20, 2011

The wall- before

Today I'm hoping our last retaining wall will be started. This will be for the back and side of the house that is not on view from the street. Once it is finished then we've asked "A" to organise some tailings for our drive way. The blocks arrived yesterday. At least some did. We've been told we will have 71 full sized and 9 half blocks for the wall but only 64 full blocks arrived yesterday.  Hopefully "A" our retaining wall man will bring the rest with him.

So here's what it looks like at the moment.

Looking from the front of the house down
the side of the garage to the back                                  The reverse view

                                                                                       Clothes line looking towards the back of the garage

 Future step area

Left and right sides of future steps down from the laundry area to the clothes line.
On the  Right hand side of the steps is this tree. At the moment it is being buried in sand. Once the retaining wall goes up we can uncover it before it rots.  We have the same problem at the back of the house  where the retaining wall will turn the corner.

 You can see it in this shot  where the retaining wall will  go. Looking towards the alfresco at the back of the house.

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