Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ground works and wall started

They struck a bit of rock and couldn't quite get down as far as they'd hoped in a few places.

This means several of the bottom row of blocks had to be trimmed slightly where the rock was too hard to scrap/cut through.
It is looking good so far. They've be back on Monday to continue. We have a Tropical cyclone warning that is current at the moment so  the weather has been really warm and humid. It was on about 38-39C yesterday when the guys stopped at 1.30.

We have to go outside and do a bit of a clean up later this morning. Pack away their tools and the star pickets etc. Don't want tools flying around the yard in the destructive winds expected later. But right now the rain has stopped and the birds are chirping. There is even a bit of sunshine and some small patches of blue sky. Earlier pretty much all the sky was blue black and grey. No one knows whether the cyclone will peter out before it hits the coast but even if it does high winds are expected. We are only 35 kms from the coast here and until this morning in a direct line for where it was expected to cross the coast tomorrow morning. The weather advisory is that it will now be slightly north of us. ( about 100kms) .

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