Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stuck in Holding Pattern

Nothing new on the horizon. I guess I could start making lists of things to be done with details on materials etc.

Went into Bunbury to watch the Australia Day fireworks last night. Left home around 4pm. Such an easy trip. Next year we are going to wait until 5.30 or later before leaving here to go in. That will give us plenty of time. Nothing like the sort of time frame we'd need for the bigger Perth ones. For those you'd have to head in at about 2-3pm at the latest and then fight with my bigger crowds for a semi decent spot. We had no trouble finding a great position .

No contact from the Developer about the trees but we heard some bad news the other day via someone at the local Council when i tried to find out what was happening. Seems there was a rather awful family tragedy for him and his immediate family recently ( b4 xmas?) so Council is giving him 'til next month while everyone recovers from the shock.

Ceiling fans go in on Saturday. After much messing about we found someone a little bit cheaper for our fan install. Hopefully it will go well.
It's back to work for me so no more sitting on my butt fiddling about online as much.

Time to save some $ towards the next garden/house project. I think it will be paving.

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