Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nothing much happening

Took an evening stroll last week and shot this pic with my phone in the street behind ours.

The stars are so pretty I spent some time last night lying on the retaining wall outside gazing up at them. I miss the big paved driveway from the rental (nothing else) as it was so pleasant to lie there and star gaze.
It's been pretty warm here recently. Today is supposed to reach 41C so well over the old 100F mark.
Youngest has been going to swimming lessons all week and has one week of them left.
I haven't caught up wih hall the people I'd have liked to over the break. So far! But I will be trying to see a few people in the next 2 weeks. I owe so many people a visit when I next go to Perth that the thought is quite daunting. We have our first non family visitors staying over on Saturday night which I am looking forward to.

Developer still has not planted the trees for our buffer zone despite visiting us the week before Christmas and telling Hubby he was returning the following week to do them. grrr

Still no news on the repainting.

We've booked someone to come and install ceiling fans in the main living areas and the bedrooms soon. What a drama trying to find someone local who could do the job. We have discovered we should have insisted on conduit in the walls around the switches if we've wanted ceiling fans with controllers on internal walls. The electricans have all not been interested in doing it because it means gouging out a hole in the plaster and brick. They only want to put controllers on external walls.

The first flower from the Scarlet Queen Elizabeth roses. They need a good boost to toughen up the stems. Our ones in our old house were such vigorous growers where as these seem a bit frail.
Peace roses. Plant leaves look a little stressed. Hope it's just the heat.

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